The journey begins…

They say doctors make the worst patients… and they may be right. But it’s not for the reason that people think! We don’t always do what we are told, true… but sometimes that can save us. I have found through my personal experience as a patient, and from being there for family members, that a little knowledge really _is_ a good thing, when it comes to staying safe and avoiding unnecessary care.

From the clinic to the OR, the lab to the inpatient wards, I’ve been there. I’ve had good care and bad, good outcomes and bad ones. I learned so much along the way… things they never taught us in medical school! I’d like to think that knowledge has made me a better doctor myself, since I now know what it’s like to be on the other side. But it also made me think: what happens to people who don’t have one foot on each side of that door? How do they get through the system safely and well? How would my own loved ones have fared without a watchdog at the gate?

My mission is to share what I have learned the hard way with you, so that when you or your loved ones have to brave the system, you can do so armed with all the knowledge you need for a trip through this urban jungle… and save yourselves some headaches, heartaches, and unnecessary expense where possible.

I am still in my patient journey, so new challenges lie around every corner. The posts are not in a particular order, so feel free to search for a topic that interests you, or sample them at random.



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